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[WEBINAR PREVIEW] Effective LP Can Increase Margins 1.5 Points

Ray Hartjen
Ray Hartjen
Director, Content Marketing & Public Relations

Retail shrinkage is big business, costing American retailers over $42 billion annually, and weighing down already razor-thin margins by 1.5 percent of sales.

In an ultra-competitive retail environment, stores fight tooth and nail to increase top-line revenues, Surveillance monitoryet many continue to see profit margins grow razor thin – and that’s if positive and profitable at all. To make matter worse, stores face one major obstacle to profits that their online brethren don’t worry nearly so much about – theft.

Retail shrinkage is big business, to the tune of $42 billion annually for U.S. retailers, and the leading cause of shrink is theft – from both dishonest employees and from external threats like shoplifters and organized retail crime (ORC) activities. Coupled with internal administrative/operational errors and supplier/vendor fraud, retail shrink represents nearly 1.5 percent of sales.

But, retailers are fighting back. No longer banished to darkened back rooms, Loss Prevention is a key retail function, fully integrated into leading retailer’s strategic decision-making teams. Tasked with more responsibility but often with tight resource constraints, effective Loss Prevention has never been as important to a retailer’s financial success.

In the July 28, 11:00 am webinar, “Increasing Retail Bottom Lines with Effective Loss Prevention,” facilitator LP Consulting Engineer Ankur Garg and participants will discuss the current state-of-the-art in Loss Prevention tools and processes, including:

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