[WEBINAR PREVIEW] Empowering Today’s Smart Store Sales Associate

Ray Hartjen
Ray Hartjen
Guest Contributor

Today’s new shopping journeys involve many branded touchpoints, and the secret weapon in maximizing the benefit of brick-and-mortar touchpoints lies with an educated, informed and empowered force of sales associates.

Today’s shoppers have new shopping journeys, weaving effortlessly in and out of digital and physicalEmpowering - Web Preview - feature image channels alike, and with mobile technologies in-hand, they’re definitely calling the shots. Shoppers shop what they want, when they want and from where and whom they want, and they’re never going to relinquish their newfound control.

For retailers to survive, thrive and prosper, it comes down to adding value at each and every branded touchpoint along the shopping journey, facilitating shoppers along their way and making shopping easy, convenient and fun.

At brick-and-mortar stores, the priority is on eliminating friction points in the shopping journey, for if online shopping has taught brands anything, it’s that shoppers have little tolerance for silly old retail paradigms like waiting in line, stock-outs, lack of product and service information and the like. But, on the plus side, stores have a secret weapon –sales associates.

Or, rather, stores should have a secret weapon in sales associates. Too often, shoppers arrive in the store and find out they know more about a brand’s products and services than sales associates do – something my colleague Shelley E. Kohan refers to as the “knowledge deficiency gap.”

Empowered Smart Store Associate

In the February 23 webinar, “Empowering Today’s Smart Store Sales Associates,” special guests Simon Turner, co-founder and president of Myagi, and Afua Giles, director or training at Sun & Ski, will talk about arming stores’ secret weapons and how Internet of Things (IoT) smart store technologies can equip sales personnel with the knowledge and critical information about the brands and products they represent to better engage and serve their clientele – the right knowledge to the right staff member at the right time.

During the webinar, Simon and Afua will discuss how to use IoT platform applications to effectively train smart store staff on store operations, product knowledge, sales and shopper service, and webinar attendees will learn to:

  • Use data to focus training resources on areas that will drive the best gains
  • Examine methods for brands to develop, curate and deliver content for messaging product features and shopper benefits
  • Discover tips and tools to ensure associates are properly trained on selling and service skills

Register today for February 23’s “Empowering Today’s Smart Store Sales Associates,” featuring Myagi’s Simon Turner and Sun & Ski’s Afua Giles.

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