[WEBINAR PREVIEW] Real-Time Data & the Future of Retail

Ray Hartjen
Ray Hartjen
Guest Contributor

As shoppers have wrested control over their shopping experiences, retailers have been slow to respond and reinvent their long-held processes, resulting in a persistent and stubborn gap in perceptions and expectations between retailers and their shoppers.

It’s readily apparent that shoppers now control the retail industry. Where once retailers ruled through their chief merchants, shoppers have now wrested power away through unparalleled access to information and nearly endless global shopping alternatives.

Shoppers are changing their shopping journeys, and it’s of paramount importance to retailers to reinvent themselves to mirror shoppers’ desire for seamless, consistent experiences across all branded channels and touchpoints.

So, what’s taking them so long?

Earlier this year, a RetailNext-commissioned Forrester Consulting study, “Real-Time Data Drives the Future of Retail,” was released, and it showed that persistent gaps in perceptions and expectations continue to exist between shoppers and retailers, and that many stores lack the essential technology solutions to measure and utilize shopper data across all channels.

Join guest presenter Adam Silverman for the March 23 webinar, “Real-Time Data & the Future of Retail,” where Adam will dig deeper into the report’s findings, identifying key problematic root causes and providing recommendations for differentiating through shopper experience.

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Joining Adam will be RetailNext’s Lauren Bitar, a veteran retailer and retail consultant, who will discuss the changing nature of the shopping journey and help retailers move from the “so what” of insights to the “now what” of action planning.

Register today to reserve your spot for the biggest webinar of the 2016 RetailNext Webinar Series, “Real-Time Data & the Future of Retail,” Wednesday, March 23, 1:00 pm EDT.

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