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[WEBINAR PREVIEW] Retail’s Biggest Trends & the Opportunities for Your Business

Ray Hartjen
Ray Hartjen
Director, Content Marketing & Public Relations

As shoppers firmly grasp technology and the multichannel environment, new trends – and corresponding opportunities – have emerged, and for retailers to succeed, they must embrace change and become more shopper-centric.

The maddeningly volatile holiday shopping season is behind retailers, as well as the industry’s biggest show, the BIG Show. The new fiscal year has started and … now what?

The retail industry is rapidly changing, and for the first time ever, it’s not the retailers calling the shots. Rather, today’s newly empowered shoppers – flush with a wealth of information and almost unlimited global alternatives – have adopted a new, multichannel shopping journey, and as a result have put the onus on retailers to either catch up with them or get out of their way.

With a new year and a new shopper journey, new retail trends are emerging that will shape the state of retail this year and into next. But, it’s not all new, for there are some stubborn trends from recent years that are yet persisting in the face of so much change. And, with new trends, new opportunities have also emerged for you and your business.

Make plans to attend 2016’s first installment of the RetailNext Webinar Series, “Retail’s Biggest Trends & the Opportunities for Your Business,” Thursday, February 25 at 10:00 am PST, when facilitators Shelley E. Kohan and Neha Subramanian will focus participants on lessons learned from the recently completed holiday season and the current economic, retail, and consumer trends that are shaping the retail environment. Webinar participants will leave the session with the knowledge and strategies to:

  1. Deepen relationships with shoppers,
  2. Heighten the engagement of sales associates, and
  3. Deliver better, more holistic and fulfilling shopping experiences

Register today to attend “Retail’s Biggest Trends & the Opportunities for Your Business.”

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