[WEBINAR RECAP] Bridging the Divide Between Brick-and-Mortar and Online Retail

Alex Salai
Alex Salai
Marketing & Social Media Specialist

For quite some time, retail experts have reached the consensus that shoppers are miles ahead of retailers, and it’s well past time for the industry to catch up.

On Wednesday, June 28th, RetailNext’s very own head of marketing and customer experience, Bridget Johns spoke with Intel’s product marketing manager, George Loranger in the Reuters Brand Features Webinar “Bridging the Divide Between Brick-and-Mortar and Online Retail.”

The dialogue of these experts centered on keeping in-store experiences on the cutting edge as to create a seamless and engaging experience for the shopper of today. The overall take away? Retailers must recognize, and embrace, the power of data.

The same way retailers are expected to stay on top, or ahead, of evolving trends, they should recognize the equal importance of customer personalization and need for digital savviness. Online experiences offer instant information and gratification, and modern shoppers expect no less when stepping through the entrance of a store. Bridget recognized that “Our shoppers are so far ahead of us as retailers in terms of their expectations. They don’t really think of it as in-store versus digital experience, they think of it as one seamless shopping journey.”

And that’s an undeniably true statement for me – a millennial of ‘95. If I’m leaving the comfort of my laptop and walking into a physical retail space, I expect the size and color of my garment to be as easy to find and readily available as my online shopping cart. And as George remarked, “shopping is very much demand driven.” Yes, I am demanding.

He continued to note that almost 75% of in-store purchases today are “influenced by digital.” Meaning – consumers have researched ahead of time and know exactly what they want when they come into the store. Again, high expectations must be met.

And to deliver on shopper expectations, retailers must aspire to be stores of the future with the help of Intel’s Responsive Sensor Platform and RetailNext’s Full Path Analytics. Retail experts have reached the consensus that shoppers are miles ahead of retailers – and it’s time to catch up.

To view and listen to the whole discussion between Bridget and George, access the recorded webinar on Reuters today.

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