[WEBINAR RECAP] Engaging 100% of Your Mobile Shoppers – No App Required!

Ray Hartjen
Ray Hartjen
Guest Contributor

Shoppers are increasingly utilizing mobile devices as their ‘tour guides' when navigating through their circuitous, multichannel shopping journeys, and where once viewed as a potential threat, retailers are now realizing the full value of mobile deployment strategies.

When it comes to mobile engagement with shoppers, don’t get left behind.

That was the resounding message of the November 4 webinar, “Engaging 100% of Your Mobile Shoppers – No App Required,” a conversation of sorts between Jesus Sanchez, RetailNext’s head of targeted marketing and mobile engagement, and Kim Feil, former chief marketing officer at Walgreens.

Mobile marketing has changed dramatically over the past couple of years. At first, it was all about the app, and the app still plays an important role. But, as good as apps can be, the hard truth is that just 5% of a retailer’s mobile traffic comes through the app?

So, what about the 95% opportunity that exists?

That’s where an effective cross-channel mobile platform comes in, delivering app-like experiences only without a dependence on an app. And, with that experience, mobile becomes the “new front door of the store.”

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While the webinar certainly focused on what mobile marketing is and how it can be deployed quickly and without any undue friction, the conversation also included business case considerations.

Kim provided several points from the perspective of a marketer who has “been there, done that.” On the subject of budget, Kim acknowledged that wrestling with budget constraints is an ongoing challenge. But, she offered up a potential solution for some: Re-allocate the dollars being spent on newspaper circulars, as those customers tend to be least profitable. Instead, focus on higher-value shoppers through mobile.

Another choice tidbit came with redemption rates of mobile coupons. Retailers often state they don’t want increased redemption rates because they cut into already thin profit margins. Kim encouraged retailers to think of mobile coupon redemption as just one part of a bigger shopper experience, and as a proof point of better listening and responding to shoppers and their needs. As such, it’s another step in retaining shoppers and building unwavering shopper loyalty.

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