[WEBINAR RECAP] Preparing for Holiday 2016

Ray Hartjen
Ray Hartjen
Director, Marketing

Holiday 2016 will prove a “make or break” season for many a retailer, and “Preparing for Holiday 2016,” presented by RetailNext’s Shelley E. Kohan and The Doneger Group’s Roberto Ramos provides the framework for planning and executing upon winning strategies.

The Holiday season has always been retail’s most important season, and this year’s difficult first half of the year has made it doubly so for so many retailers across a variety of industry segments. Preparing and executing against a solid holiday plan is paramount for those brands challenged to survive and thrive.

In the August 24 webinar “Preparing for Holiday 2016,” facilitators Shelley E. Kohan, vice president of retail consulting at RetailNext, and Roberto Ramos, senior vice president of global strategies and communication at The Doneger Group, reviewed a ‘playbook’ for retailers to consider in an effort to maximize shopper experience and brand performance.

Watch “Preparing for Holiday 2016” as a recorded webinar on demand.

No examination of future holiday seasons would be complete without a return to the ghost of recent holiday seasons past, and Shelley shared store results from last year and the lessons learned, particularly around trends of earlier promotions and the evolution of Thanksgiving & Black Friday into a week-long event.

Then, of course, there’s the holiday calendar this year itself, with 30 days between Thanksgiving and Christmas, an increase of two days over last year.

Holiday calendar 2016

So, more days means more foot traffic and sales? Not so fast. The calendar has opportunities, and several days – Shelley referred to them as “mega days” – will prove to be bigger than others. The retailers who prepare best, both with product and staffing, will have an advantage.

Roberto then went through a comprehensive holiday consumer outlook, encouraging retailers to reimagine the holiday experience in-store. Key concepts into and through the holiday season include entertainment, experience, and the human touch.

Doneger slide

In Roberto’s can’t-miss presentation, he provided details on winning strategies, incorporating themes of handmade, going green, customization and pro-social.

Catch all the details of “Preparing for Holiday 2016” by accessing the recorded webinar on demand, available now.

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