[WEBINAR RECAP] Preparing for Holiday 2017

Alex Salai
Alex Salai
Marketing & Social Media Specialist

The holiday season is representative of stressful hours, long lines, and ample opportunity. To maximize success, retailers must understand key market insights in order to fine tune or completely revamp promotional practices and shopper experience, and one of the largest initiatives to undertake will be driving mobile engagement.

During the August 23rd webinar, “Preparing for Holiday 2017,” Shelley E. Kohan, Vice President of Retail Consulting at RetailNext, presented pointed projections on holiday shopper activity, and Julie Bernard, Chief Marketing Officer at Verve Mobile, urged for the adoption of mobile as the forefront of retail marketing. Both experts agreed mobile is becoming a major component to the IoT, and it’s training consumers to be less tolerant of typical retail pain points.

Watch “Preparing for Holiday 2017” as a recorded webinar on demand.

After first  reporting on Holiday 2016 lows – such as the shopper yield of Saturday and Sunday after Black Friday – she provided a preview of the expected highs for this upcoming season. With overall positive numbers out of Q1 and Q2, Shelley expects high traffic turnout for Singles Day (11/11), and tremendous e-commerce business for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. A whole 31 days between Thanksgiving and Christmas allows for an additional shopping day from 2016’s season. Additionally, with Christmas landing on a Monday, shoppers are gifted an entire weekend for their last minute spending.

As for Julie’s guidance, mobile is the new reality, and retailers must quickly embrace and incorporate mobile into their holiday strategies. As opposed to the months of preparation necessary for a commercial spot, a great mobile campaign can be created and implemented with plenty of time to spare.

Mobile is no longer second to desktop and notebook computers – it is becoming the primary screen for Gen Z and Millennials. Today, mobile apps make up almost 66% of e-commerce sales and augments the consumer on her journey to purchase. As Julie put it, “Consumers expect us to be masters of relevance.” Shoppers will share their information with retailers without hesitation when they expect convenience and a fluid shopping experience in return.

Julie’s final tip was to use December 26th through the end of January to remind reluctant consumers to make returns. Retailers must embrace and invite shoppers back to make exchanges because it provides opportunity for sales. Also, encourage gift card redemption and start retargeting Holiday ‘One and Done’ customers for later months of the year.

Julie and Shelley’s content is available to access online at www.Verve.com and www.retailnext.net.

For all the tips and tricks to executing upon winning holiday strategies, be sure to watch “Preparing for Holiday 2017,” available now as a recorded webinar on demand.

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