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[WEBINAR RECAP] State of the Art In Store Sensor Technologies

Ray Hartjen
Ray Hartjen
Director, Content Marketing & Public Relations

With a growing demand from retailers to solve evermore complex problems, retail analytics technologies have grown in sophistication and capabilities, and new sensor fusion is bringing multiple technologies into a single, easy-to-deploy instrument.

Online, e-commerce retailers have long had technology solutions to help them discover the circuitous shopper journeys their visitors take, allowing them to better design online stores to provide an optimal shopping experience. Today, physical retailers enjoy those same types of technology solutions.

In the “State of the Art In Store Sensor Technologies” webinar presented by RetailNext CTO and co-founder Arun Nair on March 2, participants learned differences between various sensor technologies and the advantages and disadvantages of each, as well as the ongoing evolution of sensor fusion to provide retailers with complete solutions.

Paramount to understanding potential technology solutions is a clear understanding between accuracy and precision, and that understanding begins the foundation of what sensors can provide the best answers to retailers most pressing questions.

Accuracy vs. Precision

The webinar then followed through with deeper dives into each of the sensor technologies most commonly deployed in brick-and-mortar stores – video, Wi-Fi, beacons, Bluetooth Low Energy, and RFID – with discussions on the capabilities and limitations of each.

Summary of Sensor Tech

Over the years, as retailers have used in-store analytics to solve fundamental problems and capture ongoing opportunities, they’ve pushed established boundaries, presenting more complex problems and opportunities. In turn, sensor technology has evolved to provide the needed data, with sensor fusion bringing multiple technologies and capabilities into a single, easy-to-deploy instrument. Today’s leading-edge sensors provide many all-in-one capabilities.

For the entire webinar content, including the interactive Q & A, please watch the recording available as a webinar on demand.

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