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What’s The Big Deal About Wi-Fi Mobile Device Detection?

Maria Fernandez Guajardo
Maria Fernandez Guajardo
Head of Products

Join the webinar on Wed, Sept 11th at 11am PDT to find out.

A trending topic around newly available metrics associated with Wi-Fi enabled mobile device detection is taking the retail industry by storm. Many retailers are asking questions like:

To address these burning questions, RetailNext will discuss the details related to mobile device detection and how these new metrics give brick-and-mortar retailers the opportunity to better understand shopper behaviors. Retail professionals are now able to gain deeper insights into repeat and new customer visits, time spent in the store, and the capture rate of pass by shoppers as well as many other insights.

The ability to measure and correlate data from mobile devices coupled with an array of data sources enable marketing, merchandising, and store operations executives to uncover new insights needed to monitor and adjust promotions or campaigns. These professionals are able to make data-driven decisions and implement more effective strategies that deliver an optimal in-store shopping experience and ultimately increase the bottom line.

Join us on Wednesday, September 11th, from 11:00am-12:00pm PDT, as I take a deep dive into the following topics during our webinar titled, “What’s The Big Deal About Wi-Fi Detection?” Topics include:

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