Why Retail Businesses Can’t Afford to Ignore Apps

Rilind Elezaj
Rilind Elezaj
Guest Contributor

If your retail business does not have an app, you might be losing out in a big way, and you owe it to yourself – and your shoppers – to fully explore all the opportunities.

It should be no secret apps are the future of business. Nearly everyone owns a smartphone now, and businesses are steadily going mobile. This is truer for retail businesses than almost any other industry. In retail, if you have not seriously considered planning app development, then this is a step you should undertake as soon as possible and make use of its vast benefits. The mobile app industry has so much to offer for retail businesses you cannot afford to ignore it.

Today, smartphone users spend 87 percent of their time on apps. Having this percentage in mind, retail businesses need to focus more on targeting their audiences using tools that reach out to the majority. As such, retail businesses have altered their business models. Today, deals, discounts and coupons are delivered directly to consumers on their mobile apps. Not only is this cheaper, in the sense retailers do not have to pay extra fees for printing and distributing their promotional offers, but it is also more convenient and targeted to shoppers, resulting in more conversions.

Using coupons in the right way can give a tremendous boost to your revenue numbers. Wayfair is one of the companies that have taken advantage of coupons and used them beautifully to drive sales. Wayfair coupons are promotions that are hugely popular on the internet because they grant you access to all the best furniture, luggage and decor to suit every taste and budget.

Another compelling reason why you cannot afford to ignore apps for your retail business is that retail app usage doubled in 2018 as compared to previous years. The study shows that 83 percent of these customers have downloaded apps because of their customer experience and ease of doing shopping. Several benefits come with shopping on an app, such as the ability to shop on the go, the prevalence of discounts and deals, and the ease of use of applications.

So how can you take advantage of mobile apps in your retail business? Mobile apps have a nearly limitless number of features that can drive sales and boost revenue for your retail business:

1. Geolocation

Geolocation is particularly useful if you own a storefront retail business. With geolocation, you can, for instance, message your potential clients when they are within a certain radius of your business premises and offer them a limited time deal or discount. Since they are close by anyway, and the deal is a limited time offer, they may very well pay your business a visit. You can also use geolocation technology to help your users find the location of the nearest stores around them. Additionally, with mobile app localization you can translate these deals and discounts based on the location of your user. This could turn the customers from visitors to purchasers.

2. Customer Loyalty Programs

The implementation of a loyalty program is a tried and tested method of boosting sales. However, you can take this age-old method and give it a little modern twist using your mobile app. With your app, your customers can access exclusive coupons, offers, and deals of which to take advantage. We all know how annoying it is to forget your discount card or coupon when you go to your favorite stores. Well, with an app, it is a thing of the past. Your customers can access all the offers your business has at their convenience on their mobile phones.

You can also use surveys or machine learning to track the spending habits of your customers. This way, you can offer them tailored coupons and discounts that will encourage them to spend more on your retail business.

3. Push Notifications

Today, it is possible to anticipate the needs and interests of consumers based on their online activities. You can use this information to trigger push notifications that remind customers about your business. Push notifications are essential in promoting products, reminding users about events and news, and making special offers on sales and new arrivals. Adding this functionality to your app can be a game changer for you, and offer you a competitive edge over other businesses.

4. Mobile Payments

Mobile payments are an essential feature to add if you want to offer your clients the convenience of shopping and paying for their products on your app. Mobile payments remove the need for cash while also making it possible for consumers to make instant purchases. Mobile payments can be integrated into the app by either using third-party payment solutions or developing your own custom payment platform.

In today’s world, having a retail app can have a huge impact on the quality of service delivery of your retail business. Your app will help your brand maintain its relevance while building your customer base and improving customer loyalty. You also get to connect better with shoppers by giving them better user experiences and sales support. It is really beneficial to be able to communicate with your customers wherever they may be. The analytical capabilities also make apps an essential part of your business.

If your retail business does not have an app, you might be losing out in a big way, and you owe it to yourself – and your shoppers – to fully explore all the opportunities.

About the writer: Rilind Elezaj is an experienced Digital Marketing Specialist with a demonstrated history of working in the marketing and advertising industry. Rilind possesses a strong entrepreneurial mindset and has devoted his career to enhancing the sphere of digital marketing. In his methodological approach, Rilind integrates web development and other digital marketing solutions to create hybrid strategies that bring the best results.

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