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Today’s Retail Revolution & the New Role of Malls

Perhaps no single area of retail has experienced as much disruption as shopping centers and malls.

Long gone are the days where shoppers spent hours in a mall, browsing and window shopping. News accounts are flush with announcements of large, legacy-retail anchor stores closing and sometimes entire malls themselves being mothballed.

So, has the well-chronicled “retail apocalypse” claimed the mall industry as yet another victim of the retail revolution?

Not so fast!

Malls are changing, but they’re far from dead and, in fact, many malls are leading the retail revolution right alongside shoppers themselves. Download the eBook “Today’s Retail Revolution & the New Role of Malls” to explore today’s shopping journeys, the impact on malls, the changing nature of the mall’s business model and the roadmap for short- and long-term success.