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Solution Briefs

Solution Briefs

Interior Analytics

Identify friction points, optimize in-store navigation and test layouts prior to rollout. Recognize specific zones to ensure display strategies are effective and well managed. Understand where in-store opportunities lie by visualizing shopper behavior data through direction maps, dwell analysis, kinetic heat maps, POS video integration, and demographics.

Solution Briefs

Employee Exclusion & Measurement

Exclude the movement of store sales associates from traffic counts and shoppers’ in-store shopping paths with Bluetooth low energy beacons (BLE).

Count, observe and measure the paths of both shoppers and staff members, and determine when shopper-associate interactions occur, how often, in what duration and the effect on conversion and other key performance indicators.

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Solution Briefs

RetailNext Overview

Transform your business to deliver a personal, meaningful and boundaryless shopper experience. RetailNext’s analytics software and retail expertise helps you better understand the shopper journey, drive sales across all channels, stay ahead with AI-driven predictions, reduce theft and eliminate unnecessary costs.

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Retail Landlords and Tenants: Exploring Their Changing Relationship

Retail is changing, that we all know. Shoppers, armed with all the product information they’ll ever need and an almost unlimited number of shopping alternatives, are demanding retail keep up with their change of pace, and both brands and shopping center operators have taken notice.

But, how is the very nature of the relationship between retailers and landlords changing?

In this installment of the 2018 RetailNext Webinar Series, participants explore new trends with Bil Ingraham, VP, Consumer Marketing & Partnership at PREIT, and Jim Ward, VP, Innovation & New Business Ventures at CBL.

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eBooks & Whitepapers


The Real Cost of Retail Shrink

In an era of retail where many brands fight through razor-thin margins and poor financial performance, a topic often lost in articles and conversations about the shopper-led retail revolution and the resulting need to reinvent and revitalize the retail industry is Loss Prevention.

Whether retail shrink is caused by theft, fraud or administrative error, it’s big business – almost $50 billion in the United States each and every year. The eBook The Real Cost of Retail Shrink provides insights on mitigating risks of shrinkage and protecting a brand’s assets.


The Power of Micro Influencers in Retail

As trust in traditional advertising hits an all-time low, more and more purchase decisions are being based on authentic recommendations of consumer peers and market influencers. Retail marketers now strive to harness the power of micro influencers to build brand and product awareness and drive meaningful, engaging conversations.

Learn how your brand can best build a community of brand evangelists and loyal customers.

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Traffic 2.0 by RetailNext

For years, retailers have counted store traffic, an essential component in calculating performance metrics like conversion. But, traditional traffic only answers the question, “How many?” What about all those other high-priority questions? Traffic 2.0 – only from RetailNext – goes beyond “how many” and delivers comprehensive insights on shopping behaviors.

Traffic 2.0, by RetailNext from RetailNext on Vimeo.

Mobile Engage by RetailNext

Shoppers have changed the way they shop and retail has forever changed as a result. Mobile is now the critical touchpoint – at home, on the go and particularly in-store – and Mobile Engage by RetailNext empowers retailers to deliver exceptional and seamless shopping experiences.

Mobile Engage by RetailNext from RetailNext on Vimeo.

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Case Studies & Testimonials

Case Study

Empowering Digital Native Brands with Data-Driven Insights

A new breed of online retailer has become the heart and soul of shaping and even fundamentally changing consumers’ shopping experiences. These retailers, born and raised online, are digitally native vertical brands, and they are reinventing the face and the future of retail from top to bottom.

Pure-play digital retailers are venturing into traditional brick-and-mortar retail for a variety of reasons, including the ability to give customers the chance to physically see and touch products, and to engage face-to-face with brand representatives and sales associates to drive seamless shopping experiences. Read the case study to discover how brick-and-mortar stores use the same type of analytics as their online siblings to better the shopping experience for shoppers.

Case Study

Transforming the Shopper Experience by Empowering Sales Associates with Retail Analytics

100% PURE is a fast-growing prestige cosmetic brand based in the United States, featuring a skincare line made with all- natural formulations and organic ingredients.

100% PURE started selling its products through distribution with specialty beauty retailers. The company now owns and operates 13 free-standing, branded stores alongside its e-Commerce platform, and sells about 550 different kinds of health and beauty products, with 30-50 new products launched annually.

Case Study

Multi-Brand Product Showrooms

For years, some of the most expensive real estate in retail has been “end caps,” those displays featuring prominently at the end of aisles, and most often situated on the “racetrack” that represents the common path of almost every shopper.

Brands pay top dollar to be featured on end caps, but in evaluating return on investment, they are routinely stymied by a lack of performance metrics – how many shoppers passed by the display, what percentage stopped and engaged, how long did they stay and engage, and what was the impact on sales?

The savvy product marketer would ask, “Why would I want to invest precious marketing funds into a tactic that cannot be objectively evaluated?” Download case study to learn more.

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Industry Reports

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