In-Store Analytics

The most advanced in-store analytics solution available


RetailNext is the best solution for understanding what shoppers are doing inside your stores – and how that connects to sales at the register. The RetailNext in-store analytics platform can tell you how many visitors your stores have, when they come, where they go inside the store, and where they stop and engage. You can easily view results by store, region, or chain, and you can access this information using the RetailNext web dashboard, preconfigured reports that come straight to you inbox, real-time alerts, heat maps of your sales floor, and more.

Data Acquisition

RetailNext collects data from the most possible sources to give you the best picture of what is happening inside your stores. Sources include video cameras, point-of-sale (POS) systems, Wi-Fi devices, staffing software, RFID tags, promotional calendars, and even the weather. And as new sensor types become available, RetailNext can support them.

Analytics Engine

Our patent-pending analytics platform compares and correlates the information gained from all your sensors across all your stores. Purpose-built to organize and make sense of huge volumes of diverse, unstructured data in real time, this cloud-based service accumulates the measured information from all your stores into a single place, enabling you to work with it in in the form that makes sense for you.


Robust, flexible, visualization options make it easy to view and make sense of your data. Access our intuitive web dashboard from anywhere in the world. Define customizable reports straight to your inbox. View analytics and video on our mobile app for iOS and Android. Heat map stores to visually comprehend traffic patterns. Set instant alerts for when specific conditions occur. Output to database, spreadsheet, or third party apps.

Big Data

The leader in Applied Big Data for physical stores, RetailNext collects over 75 petabytes (75,000,000 GB) of data from more than 400 million shopping trips per year. We make sense of more than 30,000 sensors across thousands of stores and more than 50 retail chains. All these data are processed and available in real time to any qualified store employee anywhere in the world.