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New Retail Shopping Analysis Finds Nationwide Graduation Gift Giving Slim with a Few Bright Spots

Research from RetailNext Illustrates Effect of Shopper Conversion on Overall Retail Success

SAN JOSE, California – June 28, 2012 – Graduation season brings with it backyard parties and nostalgia, but it also comes with lots of interesting retail data. After comparing the shopping habits of more than 8 million people nationwide for the time periods before and during graduation season, RetailNext found that the nation as a whole declined roughly 5% in shopping for traditional gifting items during graduation. The news wasn’t entirely bad, however, as some categories and geographic regions showed a healthy uptick during the same time period. Two infographics detailing nationwide retail performance and then zeroing in on two large states tell the story.

The RetailNext study made these observations:

“Comparing the bottom-line performance of Massachusetts and California highlights how important it is for retailers to find ways to convert store visitors into sales,” said Chitra Balasubramanian, VP of Insights for RetailNext. “California shoppers visited stores one sixth less often during graduation season, which could have been a disaster for the state. But by converting shoppers at a considerably higher rate, California retailers came out ahead in a season that was tough for much of the nation.”

One interesting graduation season shopping trend was a marked uptick in gift card shopping. Shoppers visited gift cards as a category 18% more often than in the baseline period, with a whopping 32% increase in shopping for cash-equivalent debit cards.

“This sharp increase in shopping for gift cards – and especially those debit cards that are taken in most stores – implies a preference for providing the recipient more flexibility in using the value of the gift,” Balasubramanian said. “That might reflect frugality in the present down economy and soft job market.”


The company analyzed 513 U.S. retail stores, looking at traffic, transactions, rate and length of engagement with individual product categories, dollars sold, and rate of converting shoppers to purchasers (“conversion”), in total examining the in-store behaviors of more than 8 million shoppers. The study compared shopping activity between a baseline period prior to the graduation season and the time period associated with high school and college graduations. The study focused its analysis on specialty retailers (those offering a single category of goods such as electronics, apparel, or luxury items) since those retailers are widely believed to benefit the most from gift shopping.

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