People Counting & Conversion

Measure more than just the traffic inside your store.

Historically, retailers have relied on standalone counting products to measure traffic and calculate conversion rates. But these single-point solutions give only a narrow set of data on traffic and conversion—raising further questions on how to address the problems that are identified.

RetailNext goes above and beyond simple entrance counting. With it, you can measure the number and direction of shoppers passing by and into your stores as well as the frequency with which they visit. But accurate traffic measurement and conversion calculation is only the beginning.

As a full-featured in-store analytics platform, RetailNext also furnishes comprehensive information on how to resolve the problems beyond just the traffic coming through your doors. It provides you with tools to understand the behavior of shoppers once inside your store, and to see how the operational decisions you make directly affect your sales. With the insights you gain, you can know your shopper base, increase in-store traffic, optimize staffing, improve merchandising and display performance, and ultimately boost your conversions and average transaction value. The RetailNext platform is a complete analytics toolbox, combining key metrics with other critical intelligence to help measurably improve your store operations.

Benefits and Features

  • Access information quickly and easily—anytime and anywhere
    • Get instant alerts based on predefined traffic criteria
    • Have customizable reports automatically sent to your inbox
    • View from a web browser or mobile device
      • Watch video for any store over any time period, enabling human auditing and ad hoc viewing—in real time
      • Review detailed metric and analyze conversion rates by store, chain, or region over any time period
  • Boost sales productivity with store benchmarking
    • Automatically calculate conversion rates, spotting norms, trends, and outliers
    • Identify high-performing stores and investigate them for best practices
    • Discover low-performing stores and target them for training or support programs
  • Implement easily and save on costs with broad compatibility
    • Integrate with minimal footprint into stores of any form factor and chains of any size
    • Fully integrate with previously installed analog or IP cameras, and into most POS systems
    • Use fewer cameras with greater versatility than single-purpose devices
    • Use with existing staffing or time-and-attendance systems to compare shopper traffic to staff numbers
    • Measure traffic and conversion for store-within-a-store concepts, departments, and kiosks
    • Integrate with third party messaging and alerting systems
  • Optimize staffing to improve service, lower labor costs, increase conversion
    • Identify traffic cycles across the day, week, or year
    • Tailor customer-to-staff ratio to match service to your business model
    • Correct misalignment between staffing levels and traffic volume
  • Accurately measure marketing and promotions to maximize ROI
    • Gain deeper insight into popularity of campaigns
    • Understand the path to purchase more completely
  • Achieve industry-leading accuracy of traffic counts in and out
    • Exclude staff from counts using purpose-specific tags (optional)
    • Detect customer mobile devices to collect additional metrics: new vs. repeat customers, average visit duration, average time between visits, and percentage of passersby who enter the store (optional)