Staffing Optimization

Properly align your labor-hour allocation to customer demand.

Managing store staff is critical to your operations. If you’re overstaffed, you waste precious labor hours; if you’re understaffed, the customer experience suffers. By integrating directly with your time-and-attendance systems, RetailNext shows you exactly when and where your staff numbers are under or over the optimum, and how to shift resources to make the most of your budget spend. For larger stores, you can use the system to compare staffing and conversion among different departments, floors, or areas, and shift sales personnel to the where they provide the most benefit.

RetailNext also gives you clear visibility into staff performance. For each sales person and cashier, you can track a number of key performance indicators (KPIs), including sales, conversion rates, and number of items sold. This integration of POS analysis with your traffic data helps you understand who your most productive teams are and how to optimize your schedules.


  • Integration with all popular workforce management (WFM), staffing, and time-and-attendance systems
  • Configurable staffing reports straight to your inbox
  • Detailed individual employee performance statistics
  • Automatic highlighting of KPI outliers
  • Automatic calculation of KPIs–conversion rate, transaction count, total sales, average transaction value, customer-to-staff ratio, average number of items, and more—over any period of time