Retail Loss Prevention

Beyond video management. Investigate faster. Reduce shrink.

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  • Mitigate financial risk
    Investigate efficiently by viewing live and recorded video for any store at any time. Save relevant clips without sacrificing bandwidth, and with one-click, export data including watermarked video or snapshots.
  • Fast-track investigations
    Identify risks early with easy-to-use features, including the ability to review individual transactions tied to video.
  • Investigate on the go
    Remotely investigate with web and mobile applications.
  • Detect fraud early
    Easily view POS exceptions such as transactions when no shopper is present, cash refunds, post voids and discounts. Automatically rank stores and cashiers by at-risk and suspicious behaviors.
  • Reduce costs with an all-in-one solution
    Reduce overall organization investment with a cross-department platform applicable to Store Operations, Marketing & other functions. Integrate with Loss Prevention hardware already in place or deploy the latest innovations.