Comprehensive In-Store Analytics


Retail Operations

Execute corporate retail operations’ strategies to create a friction-free retail experience.

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Benchmark your stores with Traffic 2.0
Integrate traffic data with in-store POS feeds to provide key performance metrics — such as conversion rates — across all stores, in real-time. Easily spot norms, trends and outliers.
A ‘virtual’ view into your store and trends
Access the RetailNext platform from a web browser and provide access based on role. Through the mobile app, view real-time data and video on the go. Receive reports directly to your inbox. Ensure flawless execution of store promotions and marketing activity.
Direction mapping
Instantly visualize which direction your shoppers go after entering your store - left, center, or right. Understand how in-store employee behavior, marketing campaigns, and promotions guide the shopper journey.
Optimize fitting rooms
Provide optimal service at fitting rooms and ensure shoppers are fulfilled in their in-store experience. Discover fitting room trends and increase fitting room conversion.