Angela Larch


Like many, Angela Larch got her first experience with professional retail by working as a cashier while she pursued her undergraduate studies. Little did she know then that she had started a career path that would wind over twenty years and across positions such as flagship store manager, regional trainer, and director of operations and training. 

“I loved the opportunity I had to impact people, so I committed to stay in retail even after completing my MBA degree,” recalled Larch.

As she has progressed in her career, Larch has been guided by two central themes. “First, in an ever-changing global marketplace, the ability to create unique, memorable customer experiences will be, perhaps, the greatest source of long-term competitive advantage for businesses,” stated Larch. “Secondly, the ability to recruit and develop a team focused on the customer experience is paramount in our ability to deliver those experiences.”

“It’s so rewarding and humbling to have the opportunity to lead and develop teams, and to empower them to deliver the kind of experience that keep customers coming back. There are several ways to measure the quality of that experience, but the data RetailNext provides through its dashboard is certainly one piece of the puzzle. I love partnering with clients to help them understand the data so they can use it to develop their teams, build their business and, ultimately, deliver those exceptional experiences!”

“As a former customer of RetailNext, the one factor that always impressed me was that a cutting-edge technology company was so focused on creating those same types of memorable experiences. I’m so proud to be part of a company using technology to empower businesses to deliver those experiences by providing comprehensive data and actionable insights.”