Anna Vichitcholchai

Silicon Valley

Anna Vichitcholchai’s passion for retail was unleashed when she took on the role as a part-time Sales Associate at Ben Sherman in Las Vegas. After a successful endings at Ben Sherman, Anna spread her wings and moved to San Francisco to complete her degree. While there, Anna was appointed as part-time Sales Associate at the designer brand Hugo Boss, where she developed strong client relationships and learned how to operate retail stores.

Anna’s talent, hard work and exceptional understanding for people at Hugo Boss quickly led her to the role of Store Manager. As a Store Manager, Anna was quick to realize creating customer loyalty was not an easy task, but rather a very rewarding one. For Anna, the secret to creating successful customer relationships is driving “exceptional and memorable experiences.” Anna emphasises that “every experience and interaction we had with our customers had to be meaningful.”

After her time at Hugo Boss, Anna was recruited by Ermenegildo Zegna in Palo Alto and Agent Provocateur in San Francisco. Today, Anna has over 10 years experience in the retail world working with multiple luxury retailers in several locations around the Bay Area.

Her extensive experience and understanding of the retail sphere ignited the spark of how customer shopping behavior was changing. “Shoppers started to become more informed, and as a Store Manager, it challenged me to become even more informed about my store, the market, and the retail industry,” recalls Anna. The ever-changing retail industry left Anna with many unanswered questions and for Anna understanding how to increase a customer’s lifetime value was becoming challenging. What bothered Anna the most was not being able to accurately measure key in-store metrics such as customer loyalty, marketing spend and the number of visits. Anna expresses her frustration: “All of these unknowns were answered purely based on instinct and observation.” She quickly started to realize that data-driven decisions were the key to running a successful store and increasing ROI “Data is always a key component to drive performance and improve KPIs,” says Anna.

Anna’s frustrations inspired her to learn more about how retail analytics was improving the in-store experience. Soon after, Anna came across an article in Women’s Wear Daily referencing RetailNext, and she immediately admired the granular level of detail on the data analysis produced by the company. Anna goes on to say, “I knew I wanted to be at the forefront of this new retail environment in order to help other retailers answer the questions that I once asked myself.”

A typical day for Anna is filled with scheduled customer meetings, internal meetings with RetailNext’s product team, operations and her Retail Expert team. It’s often said “do what you love and you will never work a day in your life.” Anna truly loves her role as an Retail Expert and thrives on finding value in “being able to experience and learn from different types of retailers.” The biggest challenge for Anna is helping retailers to adopt and implement changes based on analytics. “Retailers are skeptical of change and these times are disruptive.” she says.

Anna loves to offer her expertise to nonprofit organizations, upskilling members of her community on technology fronts. If you find her gazing up into space, it’s for a reason – the majestic magnitude of astronomy fascinates her!