Gabrielle Curione

New York

As a veteran retailer looking to further forward her career by building upon her past experience and skill set, Gabrielle Curione identified her next opportunity as it was presented right before her eyes.

“I attended the 2018 edition of the RetailNext Executive Forum and left so energized that I immediately considered what it would be like if I joined the team,” recalled Curione. “I was so impressed not only with the RetailNext product and solutions, but also with the retail community the company has cultivated and supported over the past decade.”

It’s certainly been RetailNext’s gain. But retail hasn’t always been Gabrielle’s game.

Originally from Philadelphia, Gabrielle’s family has owned and operated Kasdon’s Tavern for over 60 years, and she spent a great deal of her formative childhood and teenage years working there. She then moved on to the University of Pittsburgh, where she studied Industrial Engineering.

After graduation, Gabrielle started her foray into the dynamic and ever-changing world of retail, joining the retail operations consulting group of the Connors Group, servicing clients like Wegmans, Victoria’s Secret, TJ Maxx, and Petco, specializing in engineered labor standards and scheduling system implementations. 

From Connors Group, Gabrielle moved to Calvin Klein where she spent fours across two different operational roles in very different business divisions – off-price and runway. During her time at Calvin Klein, she was a contributor to a multitude of projects in workforce management, supply chain, store design, product industrialization, wholesale sales and customer experience.

At RetailNext, Gabrielle focuses her attention on collaborating with clients to get the most value out of their RetailNext solutions, working tirelessly across her customer portfolio to ensure the delivery of the very best possible shopper experience, knowing that what’s good for shoppers is good for retailers. “I really love helping cross-functional retail teams to make data-driven decisions as opposed to emotional ones,” said Curione. “RetailNext can be used as a true measuring tool in a brick-and-mortar environment, and is crucial as the industry evolves so quickly.”

Away from her professional responsibilities, Gabrielle enjoys travelling. “As a showroom manager, I once had the opportunity to spend 80 days in Paris where I managed operations for the production and sales teams. In was an incredible, once-in-a-lifetime experience.”