Comprehensive In-Store Analytics


George Shaw George Shaw

Technical Fellow

George Shaw is a Technical Fellow and scientific advisor at RetailNext.

George formerly led RetailNext’s intellectual property efforts and has been a key contributor to developing innovative and patented technologies. He continues to oversee the exploration of new ideas and products to make RetailNext’s in-store analytics more efficient, effective, and useful than any other solution available today. Under his leadership, the research and development team has developed a number of technical and innovative products that have been widely adopted by thousands of retail stores worldwide.

Before joining RetailNext, George worked with corporate sponsors such as Bank of America and Best Buy to break new ground in video analytics for retail at the MIT Media Lab. During his tenure, George was responsible for developing state-of-the-art techniques in person tracking, behavioral analysis, and data visualization.

Prior to MIT, George founded the top interactive design and development firm, One Ten Design. There, he built award-winning websites and digital applications for many notable clients, including Warner Brothers, Universal Music, 20th Century Fox, Capitol Records, Microsoft, and MGM. His more notable projects include the creation of the overall on-line presence for the Lord of the Rings films. In addition, George was a founding partner, technology lead, and creative director for successful on-line apparel retailer Sun Walters. Prior to Sun Walters, he spent 8 years as a senior lecturer at Otis College and California State University, Northridge.

George holds a bachelor’s degree in Visual Arts and Computer Science from Boston University and a master’s degree from the MIT Media Lab.