Stephanie Nagy

Silicon Valley

Like many newcomers to the workforce who pick up part-time shifts at local retailers, Stephanie Nagy started her retail career as a cashier in a large chain pet store during her college years. These days, you can find Stephanie at RetailNext as one of our top Retail Experts.

After graduating into a struggling job market, Stephanie decided she would return to her familiar retail roots. “I had the idea that it was a temporary holdover until I figured out what career I wanted to get into,” Stephanie said.

Little did she know it was relevant preparation for her career as a Retail Expert. She rose through the petstore ranks and eventually became a General Manager, really enjoying coaching her staff, managing P&Ls/labor and elevating customer service along the way.

Stephanie operated her own store for a number of years and recognized her knack for teaching others.

“For a brief stint, I tried my hand at managing a retail gift shop for a local museum, which broadened my perspective on inventory, assortment, and managing online and offline merchandise on a small scale.” As a manager, her job was to minimize problems. Now, Stephanie’s job as a Retail Expert is all about discovering the solutions.

The goal of a Retail Expert is to streamline. It’s hard to simplify Stephanie’s role, and as she says, “Every day looks a little different! I spend time replying to customer questions, creating new training materials, preparing and conducting training sessions, and working with other teams in our organization to advance operations and processes.”

It takes a patient and diligent person to truly enjoy teaching. However, the pride of Stephanie’s work goes beyond problem-solving. When a customer is truly engaged in the RetailNext platform, she views them as a partner. “We work together to not only make the platform more robust for all our customers, but to also make the customer’s day-to-day work easier by providing targeted reporting and additional insights. It’s great to see the growth on both sides.”

Stephanie’s reward is working with customers on a successfully executed strategy. One of her favorite ROI success stories is a great example of that sort of partnership.

“One of our customers was utilizing multiple disparate systems for their traffic counting, loss prevention, and merchandising needs. When they rolled out with RetailNext, all three became centrally located, saving an immense amount of time and energy when it came to the folks who were utilizing the system.”

The goal of a retailer is to ensure high standards of excellence across all locations. Stephanie’s goal is to ensure the same for each and every one of her customers.