Tracy Kuan


In a Singapore shopping mall, Tracy Kuan hails an elevator cab to transport her to the eleventh floor office space where she’ll spend just moments at her desk. Her days begin and proceed just like the other retail experts around the world: on the phone or in the data, supporting RetailNext’s busy and growing APAC customer base – a role she dubs an “interesting new change,” not a challenge.

Like her retail expert counterparts in San Jose, Madrid, and Tokyo, Tracy is a retailer. She understands the ins-and-outs (and ups-and-downs) of the business. Twenty-five years ago while still at university, she began her career part-time at Giordano, an international apparel retailer based in Hong Kong. Just six years later, she had already worked her way up to store manager, then to merchandising buyer. The job took her to Taiwan and New Zealand, where she launched new stores, trained associates and managed all retail operations. But it was at Adidas and Calvin Klein where she really grew her wings.

“[Adidas and Calvin Klein] are well established with strong structures and procedures,” Tracy says, “I was responsible for Singapore’s retail business profit and loss. I had the opportunity to participate in regional cross-functional projects such as setting up model stores, rolling-out omnichannel programs, managing operation rhythm and distributing standard operating manuals to the stores.”

Tracy had spent over two decades in retail operations when the Retail Expert role at RetailNext came to her, and it came at a time when she was looking for a change. The role would mean she’d have to quickly learn the technical aspects of the solution interface, of course – a fact that would have been daunting for the former retailer before – but she welcomed the opportunity to learn and grow.

“I don’t think I see it as challenging – it’s more like an interesting new change and steep learning curve for me. Having a positive mind-set, and with the help of great team members and leaders, it makes the ride a lot easier.”

Immediately upon joining the company, Tracy went right to work on one of RetailNext’s largest and newest APAC accounts. She worked on numerous trainings around the region with the retailer, and cleared a lot of technical and deployment hurdles along the way. Tracy considers the effort and results her greatest achievement over the last ten months.

“We are definitely a strong partner with [the retailer], and I am happy that we are progressing to deploy more stores with them in the region.”

So what is it like to be a Retail Expert at RetailNext? Trainings, knowledge transfers, and helping customers solve day-to-day post-deployment issues are just a typical day in the life. Tracy is a huge believer that service is key in any business, commending the role for not just selling RetailNext solutions, but building the support and partnership with retailers to ensure they succeed in their business.

She closes her day after hours of meetings and presentations still confident that change is good. Her job is tough, but fulfilling because of the focus on customer success.

“I see Retail Experts as ‘doctors’ to our clients. We need to listen and understand their pains to determine how we can help them to get better, then find the right medication.”

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