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RetailNext enables apparel and footwear retailers to make data-driven decisions that optimize operations, improve merchandising, and drive understanding across marketing.

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Access the most accurate analytics data in the market via our traffic product powered by Aurora, a cutting-edge IoT device designed and manufactured by RetailNext.

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Easily verify the system’s accuracy yourself. Every traffic sensor is also manually audited for accuracy post-installation.

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Visualize and analyze data with actionable dashboards, reports, and an integrated business intelligence tool. Or use the robust API to integrate traffic data into your data warehouse or other internal systems.

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Take traffic counting to the next level with staff exclusion, video verification, and additional KPIs like repeat visits, passby traffic, and more.

The pulse of the store

Go beyond with the next-generation, future-proof traffic solution from RetailNext, The Pulse Of The Store.

  • Elevate Customer Experiences: Determine if shoppers are getting the required assistance and how this affects conversion.

  • Optimize Labor: Eliminate friction at service areas by understanding in-store shopper flow and scheduling labor according to high-traffic power hours.

  • Improve Merchandising: Manage and coordinate in-store and online product assortment, placement, and promotions to stay on-trend.

  • Elevate Marketing: Personalize the in-store experience and marketing campaigns based on shopper insights from all channels.

Pulse - Apparel and Footwear

Reduced cost of ownership

RetailNext’s integrated analytics accelerates growth and savings for apparel and footwear retailers.

  • Reduced Sensor Count: With the industry’s widest field of view, RetailNext’s Aurora sensor covers more floorspace with a single sensor reducing the sensor count.

  • Reduced Licensing: A reduced sensor count will reduce your overall license costs.

  • Reduced Hardware & Deployment: A reduced sensor count will also your reduce hardware and deployment costs.

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The pioneer

RetailNext is the first in-store analytics platform expressly built to address the changing face of retail for apparel and footwear retailers.

  • Built By Retailers, For Retailers: Our product was developed in partnership with our customers in your category and in-house retail experts to solve problems for the modern apparel and footwear retailer.

  • Comprehensive Platform: No matter how many locations you have, our scalable platform is the perfect fit for any apparel and footwear retail business.

  • Global Reach: Whether you have a global footprint or are a fast-growing local retailer, RetailNext is the only prudent choice for an analytics solution.

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Trusted by your community

Our long-standing reputation as a respected leader in shopper behavior analysis has spearheaded meaningful dialogue about the current state of the shopper-led retail revolution and where the industry is headed.

LAPTOP - Shelley E. Kohan On Data Monetization & Retail Networks

RetailNext has been an excellent global partner for Camper, supporting us in every location around the world. They are constantly bringing innovation to us, thinking about how they can help us achieve our goals. From our store teams to our CEO, the entire organization relies on the data provided by RetailNext. As stores return to some kind of normal post-COVID, this data will be critical to our success.

Pere Fiol
Head of Business Technology
Headshot: Pere Fiol
Pere Fiol
Head of Business Technology

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