Joe Wheeler on Data Monetization & Personalization


Joe Wheeler, CEO of CX Digital, highlights the immense value of first-party data collected within retail stores, noting that this data is particularly valuable to brands. Retailers who understand this can leverage digital media channels to create more opportunities for customer engagement and gain deeper insights into customer behavior. By providing customers with more control and choice in their shopping experience, retailers can initiate a cycle of learning and improvement.

Joe points out that while giving customers more control might seem daunting, it ultimately benefits retailers. Increased customer choice leads to better understanding of customer preferences, allowing for more personalized and relevant experiences. This, in turn, raises customer expectations, pushing retailers to compete not only with traditional competitors but also with companies like Amazon and Spotify that excel in personalized customer experiences.

He emphasizes that as customers experience high levels of personalization, such as with Spotify's tailored listening experiences, they will begin to expect the same from retail brands. This shift in expectations means that retailers must continuously enhance their ability to deliver personalized and relevant experiences to meet and exceed customer demands.

In conclusion, Joe underscores the importance of leveraging first-party data and providing customers with greater control over their shopping experiences. By doing so, retailers can gain valuable insights, improve personalization, and stay competitive in an environment where customer expectations constantly evolve.

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