IoT and the Connected Store

Until recently, the retail industry has only scratched the surface in deploying new, innovative retail technologies to better reduce friction in shopper journeys. Today's proliferation of IoT technologies, combined with value-added applications, now allow retailers to thoughtfully and purposely create shopper-centric stores of the future.

But, a warning for retailers: The store of the future is here today, and if a retailer is not already experimenting with technology solutions to smooth and refine the shopping experience, it's already behind.

In theIoT and the Connected Storewebinar, participants will:

  • Review IoT technologies readily available today, understand the strengths and limitations of each, and hear about new technologies that will further help to reduce friction at retail

  • Examine shopper-centric approaches to IoT deployments to avoid implementing "technology for technology's sake"

  • Develop go-forward strategies for building out connected stores of the future, today

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