State of the Art In-store Sensor Technologies

Cover: State of the Art In-store Sensor Technologies

For the past few years, new technologies have been introduced to retail with the potential and promise to launch companies into the new era of retail, one where the shopper is clearly in control. But, moving beyond the "cool" factor and a possible brighter future, what applications are meaningful and relevant to today's most pressing opportunities?

In this webinar, participants explore retail's entire technology stack, understanding the capabilities of sensors - video, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, RFID and more - and the actionable insights they can (and cannot) drive. Webinar participants leave with the knowledge and strategies to:

  • Align technology solutions to the new shopping journey and corresponding opportunities

  • Develop and build scalable, flexible technology infrastructure, and

  • Leverage cross-functional needs to maximize return on investment


Arun Nair is the CTO and co-founder of RetailNext, the world's first technology company dedicated to providing advanced in-store analytics for brick-and-mortar retail businesses. Among his responsibilities, Arun leads customer-centric research and development efforts to develop technology solutions to retail's most pressing problems and opportunities.


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