Top 5 Reasons To Be At NRF 2023

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With the retail landscape in constant flux, data-driven decision-making has never been so critical. The modern retailer contends with multi-faceted issues like rising inflation, supply chain volatility, increasingly relevant questions around sustainability, and evolving consumer behaviors. 

The NRF Big Show aims to cut through the noise and process complicated realities into future-proof solutions. As the world’s leading annual retail event, NRF Big Show is focusing on how the retail industry can “break through” this year.

The ever-changing nature of retail is part of what makes our participation at the NRF Big Show so important – as an All-In-One solution, it is a chance for us to help even more brands make informed decisions backed by comprehensive analytics. So we've curated an NRF 2023 thought leadership program that seeks to push the boundaries of retail technology and help you make the most of your attendance. 

Here are the top 5 reasons why we're looking forward to retail's big show:

1. Be Inspired By Actionable Insights

Big Show attendees are looking to propel their brands forward with seamless in-store experiences, optimized shopper journeys, and purpose-driven data points. With this year’s theme being “break through”, it’s an ideal time to investigate getting ahead with innovative and transferable insights. 

First and foremost, the show is a platform for fresh new perspectives that cut through the noise. Businesses of all sizes will be able to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to staying competitive in today’s marketplaces thanks to engaging panel discussions covering topics such as risk mitigation strategies and digital transformation initiatives. With three days of educational programming, an enormous Expo featuring the latest retail solutions, plus an Innovation Lab and Startup Zone featuring breakthrough technology, Retail’s Big Show will introduce retailers to the ideas, people, and partners that will put them on the fast track to success.

As a long-standing shopper experience maverick, RetailNext will be contributing to this with forward-thinking dialogue about the current state of the shopper-led retail revolution. Our daily fireside chats with leading retailers will help NRF attendees better understand the many nuances of the modern retail environment. RetailNext leaders, brand representatives, and industry specialists will be diving deeper into how data-driven approaches revolutionize their understanding of their consumers and design new experiences that resonate. 

We’ll cover important topics such as: 

  • How to deal with evolving customer demands 

  • What it takes to maintain brand loyalty

  • The basics to improving staff efficiency

  • How to drive profitability

  • And maximizing the potential of limited resources 

The sessions will take place at our booth (#5921) each afternoon and attendees are invited to listen in, speak up, and rub shoulders with data-driven disruptors. 

2. Explore The Newest Advancements In Tech 

From crisis comes innovation, and then comes scalable implementation. The World Economic Forum reports that the explosion of innovation during the pandemic has forced many businesses to adapt or face disappearing. While this is widely accepted in theory, understanding new tech offerings (and then implementing them) can be a daunting task for some. And the cost of implementing an inaccurate solution can add to the cost.

As store data continues to drive cross-functional value for brands, it also accelerates the pace of data moving downstream. While accurate store data will find its place in exponentially increasing ROI, the further downstream “dirty data” travels, the more expensive the fix.

  • Poor data quality strips $3.1 trillion from the U.S. economy annually due to lower productivity, system outages and higher maintenance costs, to name only a handful of the possible detrimental outcomes that result from poor data quality (IBM). 

  • 91% of IT decision-makers believe they need to improve the quality of data in their organizations (SnapLogic). 

The NRF Expo Tours allow attendees to get to grips with market-leading tech innovations in an approachable, bite-sized way that packages retail evolution accurately and accessibly. The NRF expo tour in AI, Computer Vision, and Predictive Behaviors, in particular, focuses on future-forward technologies that connect consumer insights with operations and demand. 

This specific tour is ideal for retailers looking for practical and future applications of AI in technology, business development, apparel, grocery, health, beauty, cosmetics, venture capitalism, shopping centers, and department stores. There is also massive value for those in branding, IT, operations, business consulting, or anyone who wants to stay on the cutting edge.

What will you learn?

  • How AI is used in retail today for analytics and to operate the store

  • An understanding of the current best practices for AI and the roadmap for use in 2-4 years

  • AI’s use to improve productivity and to model demand

As the worldwide expert in retail intelligence and traffic analytics for brick-and-mortar stores, RetailNext is an official stop on the tour and will be looking at how your brand can step into the future easily and accessibly. So secure your tour pass today!

Feel free to stop by our booth for a casual chat and live demonstration, or schedule a meeting with us! We can also discuss your needs in various languages such as English, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, and French. 

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3. Get Hands-On With Interactive Demos

Did you know that 68% of retailers are investing in in-store analytics to improve customer experiences? That’s according to the BDO 2021 Retail Digital Transformation Survey. The survey highlights the trend of brands harnessing the power of omnichannel customer journey data to create more meaningful customer experiences and long-term customer retention. 

Retail’s Big Show is set to share breakthroughs in data and analytics, digital experiences, and the overall direction of retail technology in 2023. Year upon year, so much advancement continues to take place, but one thing remains clear: technology runs the show. No matter your brand, market, or business goals, there is turnkey tech that is designed to help you succeed – it’s just a matter of finding the right fit. 

In the spirit of fit-finding, we are proud to announce that we will conduct live demonstrations of the RetailNext suite at our booth. This is an excellent opportunity to have your questions answered and get real hands-on experience with our software and its near-endless capabilities.

The interactive demos will allow you to immerse yourself in cross-functional analytics and reporting, thereby empowering you to deliver best-in-class store experiences to both your customers and staff alike. Our cross-functional platform seeks to solve issues around in-store operations, accurate traffic monitoring, reliable asset protection, optimal merchandising, and omnichannel marketing. Once you understand the potential of key in-store metrics, growth-defining decisions can be made with confidence and ease. 

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4. Grow Your Network With In-Person Chats

The best way to grow your network with meaningful connections is to get out and rub elbows with industry peers. After years of e-meets, deferred connection activities, and “I am going to share my screen now”, we finally have the opportunity to chat over coffee. 

That’s why you should take the chance to perk up with an artisanal brew at our booth and get to know us – and one another. We’ll be hosting a complimentary coffee hour every day of the expo and we’re thrilled to be your go-to place to chat and chill. There’s no better way to spend your coffee break than with us! 

5. Connect And Stand A Chance To Win

Yet another reason to connect with us is that we will be running two giveaways daily! Follow the steps below and you could leave our booth with one of two amazing prizes. 


Book a 30-minute coffee chat with our team and your name will be entered into a daily lucky draw to win the ultimate All-In-One health and fitness tracker - the Fitbit Sense 2.

To ensure your entry is successful, you must attend the chat you book; only those who attend their meeting will be entered into the draw. 


You can also win an exclusive All-In-One goodie bag filled with secret spoils. Follow all three easy steps and you’ll be entered into the draw: 

  1. Follow RetailNext on LinkedIn

  2. Take a selfie in our NRF 2023 booth (#5921)

  3. Post your booth selfie to LinkedIn and @tag RetailNext!

Where You Can Find Us

Booth #5921 is an All-In-One must-visit spot, making it an essential entry on your NRF itinerary.  

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Follow RetailNext on LinkedIn for daily recaps filled with key takeaways, unmissable keynote callouts, and actionable insights that are sure to set you up for success.

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